All Faiths Day School

This is how the 4 year old classes plan to display their student's "Daily News".  At Morning Message each day, the teacher asks one student to give the news of the day.  This is always an interesting tidbit of information from a 3 or 4 year old!

Construction Center.  The center tag shows how many children can play in that center!  The child places his/her center tag on the velcro dot.  Once the spaces are filled to STOP, no other children can join that center.  

Pretend and Learn Center set up as a Mini Classroom for our "Welcome to School" Unit.  Notice the books in the center and the writing materials.

Texas School Ready

Texas School Ready is a grant program funded by the Children's Learning Institute.  We were able to take part in this program in the Fall of 2012.  It has been a valuable asset to our school.  Our three and four year old classes are participating.  Each teacher received all the necessary tools and training to complete the requirements of the program.  We are teaching Phonological Awareness skills, Math, and Science!  These are some examples of how we have put this program in place: